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End Days: ATLANTIS is a cooperative, dungeon crawler deckbuilding game for 3 players. You have been called upon as champions of New Atlantis to save the city from Armageddon. Lost knowledge capable of redeeming the city is kept in a sacred, ancient tome affixed with multiple seals. Each player assumes the role of 1 of 3 characters with unique classes-- Warrior, Witch, or Wizard. Your quest is to break each seal, which binds the ancient tome, in order to reveal the mystical knowledge and save New Atlantis from catastrophe. But it isn't easy. To break each seal, the party must leave the safety of the city and travel to a dangerous land to vanquish the evil inhabitants within. Only then, can the seals be broken,
the book read, and New Atlantis restored.

End Days: ATLANTIS was our entry for CUDO Plays: Season 4.
The game won the Theme and Marketability categories.

The End Days: ATLANTIS team is:

Andrew Dudich
Gabriel Jarboe
Steven Jarboe

Entry for CUDO Plays Season 3.  This game will see updates and refinement for a potential Kickstarter in the future.

Art by Andrew, Amanda, and George Dudich.

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SQUASH the competition in the farming game that grows on you!

Share a plot of land between your friends and compete to harvest the most zucchini. During your turn, you have the choice to lengthen a vine or grow a zucchini in size. Once you grow a zucchini to 3 cards in length, draw an Action Card. You might get to fertilize your plants, kill your opponents' chances with blight, or harvest a vine for points.
The first player to 30 points is the winner!

It's time to get growing.

View details, rules, or purchase the game here

from The Game Crafter for $16.99


* Winner of Accessibility Award in CUDO Plays Season 2!

It's been a long day at work and it's finally over. Time for a mad dash home on the evening Commute!

Hit the streets in this dynamic card game with an ever-changing board that you build as you fight to be the first player home. Endure car trouble, spontaneous detours, road construction, and your biggest threat,

the other road hogs trying to beat you home.


View details, rules, or purchase the game here from The Game Crafter for $23.99


Order Direct from Wardenclyffe Media - $22.99