Wardenclyffe Media

Electrifying Design


What We Do:

  Wardenclyffe Media is an independent producer of creative content.  Our projects cover multiple media including audio, video, print, and gaming among others.  However, our greatest goal is to promote creativity and share that artistic spirit with the community.


   If you need help making your artistic, literary, musical, or interdisciplinary dream become reality, contact us.  We'll add the spark to bring your creation to life.

Mission Statement:

  Wardenclyffe Media is an agency dedicated to "Electrifying the Arts." We foster relationships between artists in a family atmosphere while providing creative outlets for cutting-edge work. We are also aware that artists are the creative dynamo behind a region's culture. As a result, Wardenclyffe Media seeks to usher unique communities into the arena of artistic cultural identity.
  Wardenclyffe Media's creator, Andrew Dudich, also self-publishes projects under the moniker helping to brand Wardenclyffe as a promoter of "indie-tainment," or small budget, small staff projects with big ideas and big passion.